The WaPo Editorial Board Joins Ann Coulter in Her Own Ass

Man. Don't ever piss off Glenn Greenwald:
Only "partisan hysterics" say that the President broke the law. Serious people -- who appreciate the weighty issues of terrorism which confront the President -- politely say that the program "is at least in considerable tension with federal law" and that it rests on "ever-more uncertain legal ground." What matters is not ensuring that there are consequences for the President's deliberate law-breaking when spying on Americans without judicial approval, but instead, that we "provide firmer legal footing for such surveillance."
Let me take this opportunity to inform the overtly fascist, idiotic, Wall-Street-Journal-Ed-Board-stupid, non-reportorial, earthshattering-story-suppressing, useless rag of a non-paper that isn't worth wiping your ass with that they're a bunch of Cheney-sucking, Bush-fellating, Abu-Gonzalez-ball-licking, frightened, conscienceless, witless, authority-worshipping Republican butt puppets. Oh, and they're a gang of CIA-controlled Bushbotic flag-worshipping Drano-drinkers who lack even the rudimentary remains of Terri Schiavo's rotting cerebral cortex.

How's that for some blogofascistic, hysterical, below-the-Beltway hate speech? Motherfucker.

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