I Have Seen the Face of God

Every hellish year that passes under the rule of the Boy King, Ned Beatty's speech to Howard Beale in Network becomes clearer. The world is one holistic system of dollars.

This is widely ignored in the War on (Some) Terror, and especially in Israel's operations in Lebanon. Never mind that Israel provoked Hizbollah, not the other way around, when they kidnapped two Palestinians, the war has nothing to do with self-defense or anything like "terror" or "democracy." If the war was about self-defense, Israel's wholesale slaughter of Lebanese civilians (one third are children) would make even less sense. But it's not about that at all.

It's about oil.

We linked to the following articles in an earlier post, but since Juan Cole is the only one to even bring up the subject--and he was just toying with the idea--we think it bears repeating:UPDATE: Chossudovsky elaborates on events in Lebanon.

Come October
, we or Israel may start slaughtering Syrians and Iranians.

UPDATE: Dahr Jamail reports from amid the devastation in Lebanon. Read it if you want to understand why the Lebanese don't see Hizbollah as a "terrorist organization."

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