I Smell a Rat

A couple of years ago, when I still lived in Irish Channel, my cat caught a rat in my bedroom and killed it in my living room. She didn't eat it (don't cats eat rats?), maybe because I'd spoiled her with Little Friskies and the poor rat (I heard it scream) didn't taste so good. Revolted and unsure what to do, I picked it up by the tail--it was surprisingly heavy--and flung it in the street. I meant to put it in the garbage later, but a car got to it first. It lay in the street for weeks, stinking up the neighborhood. A coward, I didn't mention it to my kvetching neighbors.

Why that little anecdote? Because the fetid rat, flattened and sinking into the asphalt, stank for a surprisingly long time. Kind of like Greg Palast's BBC report on the stolen 2000 election--the one that killed our proto-democracy, paving the way for our shiny new police state. Five years later, I still smell that rat. Europe and the UK smelled it years ago and, thanks to Palast, watched America die. Palast fed 60 Minutes the story here, but guess what? CBS killed it.

Funny how American "journalism" works. What little many Americans know of the scam they learned from the evil terrorist-lover Michael Moore's Farenheit 911. Of course, America's fake, state-fellating national media howled at the outrageous lies in the movie--most of which turned out to be true.

So hop into the Wayback Machine, dearest readers, and watch the original BBC Newsnight report that Our Dear Leader and his news lackeys didn't (and don't) want you to see.

You can help keep non-Americans well-informed by contributing to the Palast Investigative Fund here.

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