The Next War?

One overlooked resource we have yet to start fun adventurous Hardy-Boys-style wars over is sand. That's right: sand. Imagine if we nuked the Middle East? How much glass would we have then, huh? Yeah, you right: buy your glass futures now!

But unseriously, almost weekly I hear some candid clip of Il Duce talking and I have a naked lunch moment: I can't believe this jackass is in the White House. But hey, if a long political pedigree, tons of Binladdin and Saudi royal money, the backing of decades of giant corporations and banks, a brother in Florida rigging the election for you and a corporate story-killing media don't get you in, what can?

UPDATE: Good Christ, Power Line's uber-moron Assrocket fellates Bush (again). He thinks that
...up close, he is a great communicator, in a way that, in my opinion, Ronald Reagan was not....
He was by turns instructive, persuasive, and funny. His persona is very much that of the big brother. Above all, he was impassioned. I have never seen a politician speak so evidently from the heart, about big issues—freedom, most of all.
Oh my fucking god. Somebody put this man out of my misery.

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