A Little Lebanon

Before your TV stops telling you to feel sorry for poor, defenseless Israel, let me just say this.


At least, they haven't been for a while. Why? Because they don't act like terrorists. And if you point out that, while defending Lebanon against annihilation, they shot rockets willy nilly and killed civilians (they didn't target them because the rockets didn't have guidance systems), please recall that Israel blew entire neighborhoods to pieces, knowing that there were no rocket launchers present. The United States kept the "smart weapons" coming and fully supported the slaughter of Lebanese women and children. So if Hizbullah is a "terrorist organization," Israel and the United States are "terrorist states" who are far more dangerous to the world than Hizbullah or any nation in the Middle East ever has been or will be. That includes Syria and Iran.

Lots of libruls defended John Murtha when his citation of an international poll was misattributed to him--as they should have. But what got lost in the vitriolic "debate," is that even if he had declared that the United States was the greatest threat to world peace, it would've been true. If you disagree, feel free to offer examples.

Who "won" the War on Lebanon? Israel, Hizbullah, the US, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, etc. Who lost? Practically every citizen of both countries. 1300 at least. Just wait till you don't see the burnt, maimed families of Iran warming Bush and Olmert's cold, cold hearts.

UPDATE: The new Middle East correspondent for The Daily Show: "Hizbullah may be a ragtag bunch of undereducated Islamic extremists but at least they're not FEMA." Please, Hizbullah, consider relocating....

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