Palast Reports on Gov't Negligence

I've been dreading this day but now it's here. I've invested in plenty of kleenex, so I should be okay; maybe a jazz funeral will help too. In a perverse irony, while the very definition of evil's banality George W. Bush has been photo-opping and pretending to care over red beans with Nagin, Greg Palast has been investigating the staggering, incomprehensible breadth and depth of governmental negligence before, during and after the storm. Watch both parts here.

Note: In a stunning twist of events, Palast's reports on Katrina are not breathtakingly shocking. For once, he's coving a story that other actual American journalists covered. Remarkable. Too bad they don't follow him around.

Oh, and Palast doesn't do my former employer IEM any favors. They were paid $500k to come up with an evacuation plan--a task for which they're probably one of the best firms in the country. Too bad nobody can find the plan. Fuck IEM.

BONUS: The guy with his hand in the lens urging Palast's crew out the door is the longtime (and pretty brilliant) IT manager, Dave.

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