I Can't Even Think of a Title

I guess you could say that last Saturday "we" crossed a journalistic line in America, but what famous line to compare this to is beyond me (suggestions are welcome). Bloggers have been getting increasingly influential in journalism and politics--whether deservedly so is a different issue--but last Saturday Pam of AtlasShrugged...(are you sitting down?) interviewed UN ambassador John "mustache" Bolton.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I don't know how to characterize this, as my chin is still on the floor. It was surprising enough that Bush's Dick went on the Limbaugh Miracle Hour--but at least Limbaugh, like Larry King, is a huge media personality. I could even see (god forbid) somebody like Ron Silver interviewing Cheney, just for the extra low marketing value. But Pam? She's not just a batshit crazy blogger, she's.... Oh, I give up.

I guess this is a new low in our long, seemingly endless descent into the journalistic abyss. Or a turning point. Or something.

My "favorite" part:
Such stock we're putting in the Lebanese government, who is totally kowtowing to Hezbollah. You put every remark by the crying Siniora, I mean, another Godfather moment. You remember Godfather, Frank Sinatra, it was supposed to be Frank Sinatra, he's crying, you're godfather. Same thing happens, somebody slap him. So how could you have so much faith in the Lebanon government? I mean, I want to believe, John. I believe in you. I want to believe.

(Via atrios.)

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