Tehran: Oh Shit, We're Next

Pakistan's CIA-funded criminal Inter-Services Intelligence* isn't the only one reporting that (with the twin pincer move of the 9/11 anniversary and the November "elections" coming up) Bush™ is eager to start bombing Iran in October. Though much of the US media seems blissfully distracted, foreign governments are a little more attuned to the imminent devastation. Tehran is sweating mortar shells. They spent billions arming Hizbullah with rockets and high-tech hardware, only to see most of it wasted over the last month, thus significantly weakening the buffer against Israeli aggression that Lebanon provided.

Having seen what we did to Lebanon, I fear for Iran's citizenry. They are marked for bomb fodder.

*The people who brought you the recent UK "plot," thanks to their cozy relations with the CIA, Osama and the Taliban. Can you say "Terrorism by Proxy"?

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