Those Pesky Weapons Experts:
Fun with Assassination Science

Official accounts of suspicious deaths would be easier to maintain if it weren't for that pesky gadfly, science. Unfortunately, in virtually every case, it's science that upends the government's claims, making it all the more necessary for intelligence and security services to bury the gullible news media in bullshit propaganda. That's been the case in the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, Yitzhak Rabin and the attempted assassination of Yuschenko as well as the successful state murders of Princess Diana et al. and WMD expert David Kelly. (If you want the skinny on all these but the last, read the thoroughly researched book The Assassination Business, which also notes that assassinations are usually accompanied by a high degree of farce.)

As with the death of Diana's driver Henri Paul, who remarkably was called a "drunk" even though he didn't drink and appeared sober on security tapes, David Kelly, whose investigations promised to embarrass the UK government, allegedly went to a park late at night and overdosed on pills. Unfortunately, he took far less than the amount required to kill him. Once again, pesky science undermines government claims of "suicide." If, like me, you thought the story was mighty fishy when first reported, it now "stinketh, for [it] hath been dead four days."

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