What's stymied me about this whole George Allen affair is that the man is an elected politician. Meaning that it's hard to believe that he would be stupid enough to use a racial slur for the man videotaping him for his opponent. That's a level of stupid that even Pat Robertson (who's not stupid, but nuts) hasn't attained. That's a type of stupid that would require Allen to leave on his Klan kostume while talking to reporters. Is he a racist? Oh, probably. I don't know. Until today, my best guess was that, given that the slur is European and his mom is of French-Algerian extraction, he probably heard it growing up and, being too ignorant to know what a mohawk is, got confused and did his best George Bush Language School imitation. Now Allen's staff says they'd been calling the guy "macaca" as an insult combining "mohawk" with "shit" and that Allen overheard it on the bus or something. Okay, I can buy that (metonymically, "mohawk" is a lindy hop from "mo'caca"). I can even tentatively believe it because it's still an insult and his useless PR people wouldn't've offered that explanation till things were so bad (say, now) that they had to. Anyway, fuck you, George Allen. I hope you lose. Last time I saw you, you were on the 700 Club and you really are that stupid--not just nuts.

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