Mike Malloy "Terminated"

Air America has fired Mike Malloy. We're not sure why, as he's one of the founders of liberal talk radio and has a large, loyal following. And he beats the living shit out of people like Ed Schultz and Jerry Springer. If I can find AAR's phone number, I'll post it here. Those idiots should be flogged for this. There is nobody like Malloy, and AAR can be sure that people like me will follow Mike wherever he goes, avoiding whatever show replaces his.

UPDATE: Lost and lonely Malloy listeners who perchance happen upon this space may want to know whom to call or email about this "business decision." From Mike Malloy: call 212-871-8290 or email to: comments@airamericaradio.com

And remember, Mike's replacement Peter Werbe's in an awkward spot. So be nice to him. He neither asked for nor expected this shit.

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