Before We Forget

You know that curiously timed "foiled" UK terror plot? the one the Preznit pushed UK law enforcement (note to conservatrons: not the UK armed forces) to make public before all the evidence was in? Well, given Bush™'s penchant for changing terror colors only when it distracts fearful Americans from bad WH news, you may suspect that there's more to the latest fear-mongering than meets the eye.

There is. Former Reagan-era NSA official Wayne Madsen's got the skinny.

And if you read this rag regularly and follow the links, you already know that there's a heap of evidence connecting Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (who helped manufacture "foil" the UK plot) with the Taliban (their creation), Al Qaeda (our creation) and the CIA (who created and still funds the ISI). Canadian economist Michael Chossudovsky retells the sordid tale.

UPDATE: Sully doesn't buy the "foiled" plot either. Now that's saying something.

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