Chávez Catches CIA Agents?

As noted previously, I'm not happy about having to point out repeatedly that dictators, tyrants and general third-world sons of bitches routinely speak the unvarnished truth about the United States and its imperial ambitions. Are they hypocrites? Sure, they are. But then so is every member of the Bush™ cabal. Not even Hassan Nasrallah lies as often or as shamelessly as Il Duce.

With that disclaimer in mind, it turns out that the government of Venezuela's democratically elected president Hugo Chávez (versus, say, out unelected one) claims they've caught four CIA spies and tossed them back to our imperial shores. Now I'm sure The Washington Press Corpse Zombie Army will laugh it off, if they bother to report it, but it's worth noting that none--and I mean none--of our favorite toy third-world dictators from the Cold War rogues' gallery were merely paranoid. The CIA really was plotting against them. That includes Mao, Castro, Diem, Allende (okay, not a dictator) et al. Plenty more we overthrew and replaced with people far worse, then taught their intelligence and security services how to torture their citizens, using exactly the same methods that some soldiers, needing to "blow off steam" in Baghdad, used on prisoners throughout the GWO(S)T theater.

While Chávez is claiming to've caught the CIA red-handed (they did, after all, try to overthrow him a few years ago), Raul Castro is busy putting the Cuban military on alert in anticipation of a US attack. That wouldn't surprise me either.

Question is, what is our beloved CIA up to when they're not busying rendering goatherders to be boiled alive in Uzbekistan and abducting innocent German citizens?

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