Note to Assrocket

Powerline's Assrocket is so prone to talking out of said orifice that this should come as no surprise:
Will this be the first big win for the lefty bloggers? Maybe so. But that depends, obviously, on what happens in the general election. In all likelihood, Lieberman will win:
Quinnipiac's July 20 poll of 2,520 Connecticut voters showed Lieberman, running as an independent, ahead in a three-way general election with 51 percent compared with 27 percent for Lamont and 9 percent for Republican Alan Schlesinger.
In order for this to be a victory for the Nutroots, doesn't Lamont have to actually win? Otherwise, the Lamont primary victory will just be more evidence that the left-wing blogosphere hurts the Democratic Party by pushing it to the far--that is, unelectable--left.
Um, actually, it would demonstrate the exact opposite. The only reason Lamont would lose in such a race (following his meteoric rise in the polls, thanks in part to Blue Blogistan) is because it's one of those uncommon three-way races. If Lieberman wasn't such a turncoat and would respect his party's judgment, then he'd bow out and Lamont would serve the Republican challenger his ass.

NOTE: Just gotta say, John is so routinely full of shit and devoid of sense that I'm surprised that anyone would hire him as a lawyer. That's true of the other two bloggers at Powerline, but as stupid as they are, their meager intellects and knowledge of the world eclipse Assrocket's. Now that's saying something.

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