Katherine Harris Twitches, Drools

On the day after a new technique for making stem-cell lines without killing precious frozen multi-cellular snow-flake teletubbies and the same day the FDA finally after Pat-Roberts-style foot-dragging let Plan-B (the Morning After Pill, not the Soviet secret silent sub report) be sold over the counter, Katherine Harris tells us that "God chooses our rulers." That's fascinating. Not only is that not detailed in the Constitution or federal law or any court decision, it makes one wonder why God needed Harris and Jeb Bush to deny the vote to tens of thousands of mostly black Democratic Florida voters who weren't even felons, so that King George could ascend the throne by a meager 500+ vote margin. Twice. Thank God relies on super duper Christofascists like Bush and Harris instead of those stoopid negroes and po' white folk. If Democrats had their democratic way, as my brilliant yet benighted uncle says, we'd all be "pushing oxcarts for Arabs."

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