Hercules the Liger II: the Sequel

Realitique's seen a mild spike in traffic the last couple of days. Not a Kossalanche or anything, like we got with the Luntz playbook, but the traffic's up by at least one third. Is it for our soporific drivel incisive commentary? our 4-AM efforts to bring you the most outdated latest in irrelevant overlooked news? our kneejerk, ignorance-fueled pinkotry refreshingly witty perspective?


It's for the liger. Hercules the liger. LNS sent us the link back in February, and we posted it. Ever since then, it's remained the #1 listing for "hercules the liger" in Yahoo!™ search results. We're mystified but we're not complaining. Traffic is as traffic does. But it's got us thinking. What terms get hits? We hereby offer some random terms. Let's see what happens.

feet foot back ape ache sock tight pants bikini wax canoe hair hairy breast tv color compressed air fetish bondage leather rope keyboard mouse mousepad digital camera wolphin snafu

Got any terms? Let me know and I'll add them to the list. I'll announce the results as soon as there are any.

UPDATE: eRobin of Fact-esque was kind enough to donate the following terms:
Theresa Wright
WalMart bad for America
You don't win friends with salad
Man butt

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