O'Reilly: ACLU Supports Pot-Smoking Goat-Fuckers

Or something like that. Fissures have appeared in his skull. Doctors fear the worst.

From O'Reilly's The Radio Factor, March 30:
O'REILLY: All right, this hour's devoted to the most intense threat to your freedom in the world. It's not Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is not the most intense threat to your freedom -- it's the American Civil Liberties Union. And I will back up what I say...
Funny, I thought the Bush administration was the most "intense threat to [my] freedom." But I'll settle for Al Qaeda.

The Radio Factor, March 29:
O'REILLY: The judges in Massachusetts knew they weren't going to be impeached when they said to the state legislature, "Gay marriage is now legal in Massachusetts because we say it is. We the judges" -- they knew they weren't gonna be impeached. They knew the legislature didn't care. You get the government you deserve. In California, the prevailing wisdom is marijuana is no big deal, let's legalize it. And since we can't get that through the legislature, we'll do it this way. And they did it! You see?
No, frankly, I don't see. It was a logical decision that flowed from Massachusetts law. But why bother with pesky details?
And 10 years, this is gonna be a totally different country than it is right now. Laws that you think are in stone -- they're gonna evaporate, man. You'll be able to marry a goat -- you mark my words!
(From Media Matters.)

"Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats living together! Mass hysteria!"

What I really want to know is, will I be able to marry a gay goat? How about more than one goat? a goat and a sheep? a pot-growing sheep? If my gay goat husband is in a persistent vegetative state and I start shtupping a female human abortionist, can I kill my husband quickly with cyanide instead of letting him die slowly of dehydration?

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