I get a lot of spam in my Lycos mail account, which is why I use it to sign up for anything that looks like a spam risk. More than half of the spam allegedly comes from people with names that have middle initials, but I figure it's the same company, no matter whether they're trying to get me to "work from home!," buy "Big Discount Cialis!," or "Fu!ck my 18y.o. daughter!" Here is a selection of said names:
  • Retinue M. Epithet
  • Itinerant H. Secludes
  • Odessa E. Blevins
  • Stanza P. Avoidance
  • Budgetary G. Abjuration
  • Smiling D. Grater
  • Empathy P. Insurgence
  • Lynne Beaver
  • Hun E. Joselli
  • Parochial L. Brutalizes
  • Dawning I. Predispositions
  • Ðåêëàìíîå ïðåäëîæåíèå
  • Photoelectric G. Poniards
  • Resolves G. Spaniard
  • Disaster Q. Glaciers
  • Hung
  • Trimester A. Vane
  • Jerrod Haywood
  • Colt D. Somalia
Now I understand creating random names to put in the from field, but why not use a database of real names, like a phone book? You know, a phone book? Why throw random nouns in there, like "Somalia" and "Predispositions"? And why the middle initial? Why no middle name?

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