Secret Service Opens Privatalooza Investigation

Remember the three Denverites ousted from Bush™'s Privatalooza event on March 21? The Secret Service has opened a criminal investigation, and Diane Carman of the Denver Post reports that beads of sweat have been sighted on Scott McClellan's brow. The "volunteer" who ousted the three was (apparently) impersonating a Secret Service agent, which is a crime. Carman writes:
When asked if the volunteer [who ousted the three] was acting on the instruction of the White House, McClellan responded, "Not that I'm aware of."

Hmmm. So who might be aware?

I asked two other White House spokesmen that question Wednesday. They declined to answer.

Dan Recht, attorney for the so-called Denver Three, says interest in the story of ideological cleansing at an official government-sponsored event just keeps gathering steam.

Reporters call every day, begging to be the first to know when the bouncer's name is released.

Pressure is mounting.
(Via Kos, who posted on the story last night, before it hit the papers. We were too tired to pass it on. But hey, we do this for free.)

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