Kurds Training for Action in Iran

An intriguing article on Kurdish preparations for covert action in Tehran, almost as much for what it says as for what it doesn't say—which is volumes. Fully have of the uber-skimpy article is this:
Rebel leader Ebrahim Alizada said: "Our armed struggle began in Iranian Kurdistan and will continue until we have freedom."

The fighters are members of Komala, a group of militant socialist Kurds dedicated to bringing down Tehran. Hundreds of young men and women armed with AK47 rifles, machine guns and RPGs are training in northern Iraq for this mission.

Many more are based across the border and group leaders say the rebels are already carrying out "covert actions" in Iran.
Gulf News claims it had "exclusive access" to the group, and yet they could barely fill a page. No background. Barely any context. It could almost be a CNN report. (Via Project for the Old American Century.)

Considering that Seymour Hersh told us in January that the Bush administration planned on acting in Iran in 2005, and that Rumsfeld now has his own private intelligence service, and that Special Forces have been working with Iraqi Kurds for a while now, and that the US was allegedly organizing "bandits" back in 2002 to act in Iran, do I even need to pose the question? Given our government's predilection for supporting proxy armies, I'd be shocked if we weren't up to our necks in this. Here's what Komala has to say for itself.

DISCLAIMER: I don't like them mullahs either.

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: Satellite pics of this year's pretext Iranian Arak Plutonium Reactor.

FUN ISRAELI SIDENOTE: There are some humdingers on the Project for the Old American Century site. This one is especially interesting. It's a an unconfirmed report of a miles-long convoy of American military who-knows-what disguised as IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) in the Negev desert. The writer's pretty paranoid, and his opinion of what the convoy means is dubious at best. My guess*: We have bases in Israel, and I believe the big one is in the Negev, far from the prying eyes of sentient Israeli citizens. That's next to useless as an opinion; all I'm saying is that it might just be a matter of moving troops and equipment from one place to another, for whatever reason.

*Assuming the story's not apocryphal (I thought that went without saying, but then I decided I should cover my ass).

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