How to Get Visited by the Secret Service

Just mention at a dinner party that you're going to DC soon and want the president out of power.
I am a Communication Strategist integrating video, web, ITV and print. About a month ago I was traveling to L.A. for meetings re two initiatives I've been driving: GTV progressive cable TV network and DemSpeak.com, a new progressive thinktank. A friend & colleague invited me to come that evening to a small "new media" business networking dinner at a trendy restaurant. "Tell people what you're up to, you might meet someone who could be interested." I did, it was an enjoyable evening, eclectic conversations, I left with a few business cards, and that was that. Had about 4 more days of meetings, then flew home.

The next morning I was visited at my home by two Secret Service special agents. "Do you know why we're here?" "No, I haven't a clue." "Do you mind if we speak to you?"
The Secret Service comes off looking pretty good, despite the creepiness of the situation. What's frightening is the paranoia (or possibly vengeful nature) of the anonymous tipper. (Disclosure: The author is an acquaintance of mine.)

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