O'Reilly: ACLU Drinks the Blood of the Innocent

Y'know, I keep meaning to get around to posting about less newsworthy matters, like torture, duplicity in election reform, the rising theocratic tide, the upcoming simulcast of Bite of Fristula, but then there's Fox News performance art. On the heels of O'Reilly's goat-fuckers diatribe, Media Matters reports O'Reilly's latest:
...Remember, it is the American Civil Liberties Union which is now behind all abortion on demand, euthanasia, and coming soon perhaps, infanticide for impaired babies.
guf·faw n. A hearty, boisterous burst of laughter. intr.v. guf·fawed, guf·faw·ing, guf·faws To laugh heartily and boisterously.

Almost as good as Gannon at giving good copy.

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE: Media Matters gives a list of O'Reilly's advertisers, complete with contact information (scroll down). Have fun, kidz!

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