Family Research Council Supports Filibuster

“The Senate is not a majoritarian institution, like the House of Representatives is. It is a deliberative body, and it's got a number of checks and balances built into our government. The filibuster is one of those checks in which a majority cannot just sheerly force its will, even if they have a majority of votes in some cases. That's why there are things like filibusters, and other things that give minorities in the Senate some power to slow things up, to hold things up, and let things be aired properly.”

Steven Schwalm, Family Research Council senior writer, in 1998, explaining why his organization supports the filibuster to block the nomination of a gay ambassador

“Only 51 votes are needed to approve these nominees and most of these candidates, if not all, would receive more then 51 votes if a vote were held on the Senate floor. But a radical minority in the Senate is using the filibuster to block an up or down vote on the Senate floor....

“We must stop this unprecedented filibuster of people of faith.”

Tony Perkins, Family Research Council president

Whole story here.

UPDATE: Write FRC here and let them know how grateful you are that they support the filibuster.

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