Another Reason to Hate the Vatican

Bush isn't the only world leader to slap other countries in the face. The late John Paul II, who deserved great credit for forgiving his would-be assassin but not so much for fighting AIDS with chastity, had the temerity to give Cardinal Bernard Law refuge, a shaggerific pad and a sweet assignment running a basilica. CBS News reports that today, the Vatican tapped the ironically named pedophile-protector Law to say mass. He'll be saying mass for the late Pope tomorrow, too. This is an affront not only to the sexual-abuse victims who suffered indirectly as a result of Law's egregious judgments but also to the United States. Once again, the Vatican demonstrates that it's just another hypocritical state, unconcerned with the lives of those it presumes to care for. What's next? Law as ambassador to the US?

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