US Gov't Translucency Scale

There are all sorts of indices for determining how close the world is to things like nuclear armageddon or the rapture, so why not one more? I hereby introduce the US Government Translucency Scale. "Transparency" would be catchier, but "translucency" covers both opacity and transparency, or at least comes close.

Haven't developed a methodology yet, so I set the position on a whim. After all, few Americans appreciate the extent of our vast, worldwide military empire as well as of what we've wrought covertly through the years, nevermind the telling influence of cold, hard cash on the actions of the government. Plus, we're classifying documents at an alarming rate. Feel free to argue about where to put the pointer. But I don't think it belongs past the halfway mark toward the "transparency" end of the scale. Disclaimer: Position of pointer depends on country.

(Feel free to use the image, just be courteous enough to give me credit.)

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