The Kyrgyz Lights

BISHKEK (Reuters) - About 7,000 demonstrators, protesting against the rule of Kyrgyz President Askar Akayev, on Thursday marched toward the main government building, a Reuters witness said.

Reuters correspondent Dmitry Solovyov said the column of protesters completely blocked Bishkek's Chui boulevard, its main thoroughfare, and its ranks had been swelled by students and ordinary people.

"They are being cheered on by residents from houses. There are anti-Akayev leaflets everywhere," he said.
For a better understanding of what's going on, read the Reuters story from Tuesday.

You'd think dictators would get the hint: people don't like rigged elections. Do not ask the obvious question here.

UPDATE: Akayev's fled. Parliament's appointed an acting president. Details here.

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