He Stinketh: for He Hath Been Dead Four Days

Jonathan Chait of The New Republic is guest blogging at Talking Points Memo and has two posts on Social Security worth perusing: one on Lindsay Graham going gay switching sides and one on the demise of piratization, of which Il Duce apparently has not heard (as Triumph sez, I keed, I keed). Teaser quote:
The privatizers’ weakest assumption turned out to be their belief that the elderly would support privatization if they knew they wouldn’t be affected. For weeks, as polls have shown rising hostility to privatization, GOP pollsters and strategists have conceded that they need to do more to reassure seniors on this point. Bush has obligingly harped on it at every stop.

Yet senior citizens overwhelmingly oppose Bush’s approach. And it’s not because they think their benefits will be cut—polls show they overwhelmingly they buy his reassurances

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