Why We Keep Losing

Matt Stoller at MyDD performs a reportorial service for the netroots by draining the DC campaign-consultant swamp. Guess why the dems can't market themselves worth a damn? Because prominent consultants who've repeatedly ruined campaigns are being paid by corporate interest to undermine Democratic efforts. The latest? Medicare.

The solution? Spread the word and call your representatives and senators. If they get flooded with calls and emails telling them the very people they rely on to lose win elections are being paid to make them lose, they will be very, very angry with those consultants and stop listening to them. If they have any sense (fingers crossed) they'll see that what Gore's doing is working: When you stick to principle and speak truth to power passionately, people perk up and listen, give to your campaign and vote for you come election day. Cf. the campaigns of Paul Hackett and Ned Lamont. They're the future. The netroots are the future. The current crop of consultants is a dead end.

UPDATE: Corrupt consultants notwithstanding, here's a very hopeful survey conducted by NPR. Maybe somebody in the DNC will read it.

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