The predictably rah-rah Israel "reporting" in these sad United States has it wrong. Nothing new here; they always have it wrong, which is why we still have supporters of Israel here. Now don't misunderstandimate me, I think Israeli citizens have every right to a peaceful life there, but they don't have the right to treat Palestinians as second-class citizens and go around butchering civilians there and in south Lebanon. (Not that civilians are doing that.) Click here for the skinny on the current Israel-led conflict. We should mention as well that, unbeknownst to our benighted national media, this is the beginning of the widening of the "long war" which includes Iran, Syria, Libya (thanks, Dubya) and (I guess) others. It's all about the oil, folks. Well, and domination of Asia and preservation of Empire. Reporters might want to "read" or "research" the "clean break" document authored by Perlowitz et al. back in '96, when Netanyahu was busy dismantalling the peace process. Call it Kristolnacht.

UPDATE: Josh Marshall weighs in, sees ominous clouds gathering over Mordor....

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