Why We Fight

There is no War on Terror. Terror is a psyop, a way for a government to instill fear in the populace and focus hatred on a cutout enemy. 9/11 was the ultimate psyop, the biggest special operation ever conducted--and the best implementation of "shock and awe." Sometimes, as in the case of Hamas or the IRA, averages joes become terrorists without the government's help, but not usually. Right now, the war in Lebanon has nothing to do with kidnapped soldiers. The operation has been in the works since at least 1996, with the details being fleshed out more recently. It is the expansion of the fake War on Terror to include Syria, Libya*, Iran, Sudan and Somalia. The true nature of the war, planned in secret, is never mentioned, and journalists seem utterly ignorant of it, despite the sheafs of publicly available documents. The war is really about economics, i.e. power. It's about access to Caspian basin oil and the rerouting of energy transportation to cut off China and Russia (and possibly to undermine OPEC). It's no surprise that the only man who seems to know this is an economist and isn't American. Read the details here. Read what General Wesley Clark never revealed during his presidential campaign (maybe because he oversaw the destabilization of Yugoslavia by the KLA and Al Qaeda, our biggest ally in the War on Terror). More details about the origin of the current war, the "clean break" document, here.

FUN FACT: Guess what Condi Rice's area of expertise is? Central Asian oil.

BONUS: Chomsky explains why America is a terrorist state.

SUPER HAPPY BONUS: A surprisingly entertaining and brief history of the Middle East.

*Given our rapproachment with them, thanks to negotiations begun under Clinton, I guess they're off the menu. But who knows?

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