Death from Above

Our nonexistent national news media loves to whip up patriotic fervor by showing green-screen smart-bomb attacks on targets but never shows the effects of those attacks. During the first Gulf War, for example, Americans weren't shown the highway of death, a miles-long stretch of highway which we bombed, slaughtering possibly thousands of fleeing Iraqis, leaving a trail of charred corpses pointing at Baghdad. To get an inkling of its horror, you had to watch last year's Jarhead. But thanks to Link TV, now you can see what's actually happening on the ground in Lebanon as Israel indiscriminately massacres civilians (we do the same in Iraq daily). You need to signup with YouTube to watch it--it's quick and easy--but if you don't like that, try bugmenot.com. And what are we doing about the bloodshed? Nothing. Kinda reminds you of last August, don't it? (Video via Raw Story.)

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