Marshall Whittman Takes the Bus to Crazy Town

I stopped reading the allegedly progressive Whittman a while ago, when he started spouting DC conventional wisdom. In other words, Liebermanesque war-mongering and Bush™ fellating: exactly the opposite of what every poll for months has shown the majority of Americans want. Well, he's at it again, foaming at the mouth over the "soul of the Democratic Party," which is under assault from enraged leftists who repeatedly, calmly mention that Iraq is in a civil war and we need to get the hell out. Yes, these enraged lefty bloggers are taking the Donkey down the path to perdition. Not only that, we lefties are "Swift-Boating" Joe in a "vile...disinformation campaign." A few lowlights:
Truth will not deter the left wing practitioners of swiftboating. Just as their right wing brethren sought to make a coward out of a war hero, the left wingers seek to make a right winger out of a long-standing liberal.
It is fashionable among Democratic pundits and politicians to express contrition about their support for the war and beg for forgiveness from the lefties. Joe's great "sin" is that he stands by his original position and expresses optimism about America's eventual success in Iraq. However, it is far more popular and acceptable in the Democratic Party to express defeatism and doom. And this is the party that the American people will trust with their security?

And here is a message for those moderates who are refusing to vigorously support Joe - they are coming after you next. Limousine Liberal Lamont is merely a tool for the nutroots to help achieve their ultimate objective. The goal of the activists and the celebrated nutroots is to move the party to the left on critical issues such as national security and trade. And the ultimate result will be that Democrats will only be able to visit the White House on a tourist pass.
Note to Marshall: The president who Joe's rimming barely has a 30% approval rating. Add Whittman to the long list of Red Blogistanis whose every utterance is exactly the opposite of the truth. Sadly, such Blogistanis are too dim-witted to even notice.

Read Whittman's entire witless ravings here.

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