Iran: the Next War Is Closer Than You Think (Reprise)

Joshua Kurlantzick called it last April, after Seymour Hersh revealed Rummy's monkey business in Iran. Recently, Raw Story followed up on Hersh and Kurlantzick's revelations about the MEK and covert operations in Iran. Now, Rolling Stone, which along with Mother Jones, GQ, Harper's, Talking Points Memo and Raw Story, routinely shames the national MSM by doing the job most major papers refuse to do, has yet another revelatory report on our war plans for Iran--the next target in a long line of oil-rich targets. (Via Raw Story.)

N.B.: The story isn't just by anybody, it's by James Bamford, the highly connected polymath who revealed the inner workings of the NSA. His last piece for Rolling Stone focused on The Rendon Group, the DC PR outfit contracted to sell you the Iraq War. In living color.

UPDATE: Powerline's "I donated my brain to science but they wouldn't take it" Scott presents Michael Ledeen's rebuttal of James Bamford's article. Never mind that all Ledeen ever does is lie, but he's still covering for his neocon proteges vis-a-vis Joseph Wilson. Note: if you're a Republican and think Joe Wilson lied, just cut your own head off and save the Islamofascists the trouble.

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