A Brief Moment of Gratitude

I should've written this, oh, 11 months ago, but who's counting? Anyway, in case I need help this hurricane season, though I'll probably stay with my peeps in Baton Rouge, I'd like to formally thank readers PDS and Abby Taylor for offering--in the first week of the disaster, no less--whatever I needed to get by, including cash and housing. Fortunately, my ex-girlfriend's parents footed the bill and let us keep the FEMA money and the bedbugs (I'm not kidding), but I thank the god I don't believe in for people like Abby and PDS. Lein Shory also offered to take us in, including the four cats and dog. But once the power came back on in Laurel, we repopulated our little 4-acre mansion with fluffy, annoying pets, including a few from New Orleans and I commenced catching up on a couple of missed seasons of Sex and the City.

P.S. I don't remember, exactly, but Gnat's Trumpet may have offered help as well. In any case, he and (sigh) Pursuit encouraged us to evacuate and showed some sympathy. They deserve credit for that.

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