Brownie: "Bite Me"

While we're busy linking to Raw Story (happens now and then), here's a heads-up on the Playboy interview with Michael Brown. Now we're no fan of Brownie, but we're under the impression that Brownie was the least of the severe problems last August. In light of our previous post about Normie's dad, we can't think of any reason to buy Playboy other than to "read" the Brownie interview, but if you're "moved" to purchase the magazine (available in an expanded online edition!) you'll get to read this memorable line, which took Brownie only one full year to come up with:
Dealing with horses' asses taught me how to deal with the federal government
Oh, yeah, and some other shit happened today, somewhere southeast of Europe. I think some people over there are killing each other or something. Nothing our "federal government" should bother with, though.

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