The Passion of the Mel

An excellent, educational article about Gibson's recent anti-semitic blunder. The writer has several informative paragraphs about the obstacles independent producers face if they want to distribute a film themselves. (Via C&L.)

While I'm not at all surprised at Mel's Nazi predilections, given his father's Nazi-loving history, I am surprised at what he said: that "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." What does that even mean? What has this pitiful excuse of a man been reading? Smoking? Mel: Do you mean to tell me that the Jews started the Revolutionary War? the Civil War? Vietnam? the Mexican War? the many wars your newest film subjects fought that destoyed their civilization? WTF?

BONUS: We lefties (née "moderates" or "centrists") feel uncomfortable promoting Hitch because of his back-stabbing and drunken rants. But his prosodic gift has never failed him. He still excels at nastily dismembering worthy subjects. It was true for his Christmas essay and it's true for his current dissection of Mel Gibson. Read and enjoy. It's not as vicious as South Park's "The Passion of the Jew" but think of it as an expensive wine--many complex and complementary flavors.

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