Make Nice? Yeah, Right

I never thought I'd see an almost 180-degree reversal in the national mood. But it happened months ago and despite the "bounce" that so many Washington media whores keep seeing in Bush™'s poll numbers, such a bounce exists as much as support for the Iraq War among our generals. As we approach the upcoming Lieberman-Lamont fisticuffs in Connecticut, the Democratic and media establishments in Washington are beyond anxious; they're hysterical. Even Rush Limbaugh is worried. Meanwhile, a few Democratic politicians seemed to've noticed that, you know, Blue Blogistan is way ahead of the curve on this one. Our mood is the nation's mood: anti-Bush and anti-GOP. Anti-authoritarian. While Establishment consultants fret over Democrats being anti-Iraq-War and pro-sanity, the rest of the electorate is feeling at peace with themselves over how they're about to vote. We ain't ready to make nice. Far from it. And make no mistake about it, though Republican gerrymandering may thwart a number of easily won races against the GOP, at worst at least one house of Congress is going to topple--or at worst be too close for the K Street Patronage Machine to ram through every last piece of corrupt legislution that Bush™ wants. Lamont is about to kick Lieberman's whiny bitch ass. And come November, we're gonna clean the floor with the rest of the appeasers in the House. And no consultant's cozy job in DC will be safe....

UPDATE: Nitwit Assrocket weighs in on Blue Blogistan's "crusade" against Lieberman: "Today's liberal movement is more about anger and hate than it is about policy, and Lieberman just doesn't fit in, no matter how he votes."

This from a man who thinks Il Duce is an undiscovered genius.

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