Let's be clear. Iraq is not teetering, it is not on the verge, it is not on the brink, it is not descending (unless by that you mean further). There is no longer any debate here. Iraq has plunged headlong into the abyss of civil war. Not that anyone in Washington, including our execrable national media, has noticed. No, it's all Palestine all the time, with bloodthirsty autocrats like Bill Kristol and friends calling for "escalation." To what point, Mr. Kristol, should we "escalate"? The escalator here is going one way: down. It's long past time we got off.

Unless, of course, you and your puppet boy king started all of this in September, 2001. Then, at least, we know you meant the world to go this way all along.

Yes, Bush was right when he spoke of a "grave and gathering threat." He just got the country wrong. As the rest of the world knows, the United States of America is the greatest threat to world peace. It is impossible to overstate the case.

UPDATE: Lookee here, somebody agrees with me (incidentally, my opinion's based on the extensive work of academic types who developed a thorough, statistical taxonomy of civil war, much of which, I think, this author relied on).

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