Scooter Goes to Langley

Eric Boehlert has a simple explanation for how Scooter Libby, Uncle Dick's chief of staff, might've known that Valerie Plame Wilson was a CIA agent. During the run-up to the Iraq war, Dick Cheney was fond of stopping by Langley to indimidate agents who weren't telling him what he wanted to hear. According to a 2003 USA today article that Boehlert quotes, Dick and Scooter went to the ice cream shop for some sodas visited the CIA Non-Proliferation center, where Plame was assigned. She didn't attend the meetings but prepared materials for them.

CONTEXTUAL ASIDE: You know, this would be fun if it weren't about the Bush administration fixing the facts and intelligence around their nutty neocon policy so we could have a little military adventure in Mesopotamia and wind up with a pile of corpses, creating America-hating terrorists in the process and giving them an excellent training ground. Thanks, Karl!

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