Gettin’ Lucky

So A. and I were walking my dog (a pomapoo) near one of the neighborhood Chinese convenience stores when we we saw two men walking what looked like a large, oddly coiffured dog. But it wasn't a dog. It was a horse. More precisely, a miniature horse.

About the size of a large poodle, his name is Lucky and he's fond of ice. While A. fed him a cube or two from her cup, my dog, Boudin, barked madly at him, probably mistaking him for a dog. Once she (my dog) calmed down, she sniffed at Lucky and seemed to lapse into a silent confusion.

Lucky's owned by a fiftysomething gay couple and has his own website, wegotlucky.com. When he's not busy eating ice, he competes in miniature horse shows. We did not ask, but presumably these are held in miniature stadia with miniature bleachers.

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