Iran: the Next War Is Closer than You Think
Part Deux

Joshua Kurlantzick just sent me a PDF of his May, 2005, GQ article "Iran: the Next War Is Closer than You Think." Curious timing, no? Get the PDF here. (Warning: it's 2.76 MB.) I'll be updating this post later with more Iran links. When I've finished making a HTML version of the article, I'll link to it. I assume that's legal. But if somebody at GQ comes across the article online and tells me I have to take it down, I will.

Oh, and happy Independence Day. Wouldn't it be great if the United States could have democracy again? (Yeah, I know, it's a "republic," but the word "democracy" is no longer a limited technical term.) Then again, maybe we never really had it and have been inching towards it and we just took a few steps back with this administration. Either way, one can hope.

UPDATE: Here's Kurlantzick's article in HTML.

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