Quo Vadis, Killer?

LNS reports that the blog Dylsexia's disappeared. We dearly miss its witty, neurotic, onion-hating author. Her last post (that I can find through Google caching) was June 20:
I wrote quite a bit, but the computer erased it.

The gist of it: I got a full-time job through patronage. It's quite good. I'll be working with JP and LG--namely, my best friend and boyfriend. The work involves coding grammars. This is new for me.

There is more of interest, but I shan't repeat it. Later, perhaps.

Off to meet LG so we can go home, sleep.
We hope everything's fine, Killer. If you read this, drop us a line.

Here's what's still cached (Google hackers might be able to find the rest of the blog; I don't know).

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