Judy's Been Had...and Had...and Had

Earlier today, Steve Clemons reported that Wilfred Brimley John Bolton was one of Judy Miller's WMD sources. Of salacious interest is Judy Miller's tendency to get "indecorously close [ahem] to her highly placed male sources." (I'm all for bed-hopping, but it's problematic as a journalistic technique.) Seems she also has a history as a bullshit conduit. In light of the last few weeks' Rovian revelations, the following anecdote from a Salon article kinda screams, HEY, OVER HERE!
...Miller's entire journalistic approach was flawed. A few months after the aluminum tubes story, a former CIA analyst, who has observed Miller's professional products and relationships for years, explained to me how simple it was to manipulate the correspondent and her newspaper.
"The White House had a perfect deal with Miller," he said. "Chalabi is providing the Bush people with the information they need to support their political objectives with Iraq, and he is supplying the same material to Judy Miller. Chalabi tips her on something and then she goes to the White House, which has already heard the same thing from Chalabi, and she gets it corroborated by some insider she always describes as a 'senior administration official.' She also got the Pentagon to confirm things for her, which made sense, since they were working so closely with Chalabi. Too bad Judy didn't spend a little more time talking to those of us in the intelligence community who had information that contradicted almost everything Chalabi said."
(Emphasis mine.)

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, it brings us back to our evolving Agatha Christie mystery Warmongering Most Foul.

(Informative Judy details from Schroeder's comment on the previous post. Read the whole Grand Moff Texan post. Warning: May bring on dizzy spells from recapitulation of Reagan Regime, Iran-Contra and other crazy shit. )

Oh, and happy anniversary, Downing Street Memo! Judy Miller: Always happy to help radical corporatist administrations fix the facts and intelligence around the policy.

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