The Times of London's story on today's attack is here. Go to the front page of the Times for full coverage, including special features and related stories.

UPDATE: Wikipedia has a page up with oodles of information. (Via Juan Cole, who has a good commentary on the attack.)

UPDATE: George Bush's public relations strategy of claiming to go to Iraq (which his flunkies claimed was cozy with Osama) to "take the fight to the enemy" rings especially hollow now. If anyone was naive enough to believe that that really was Bush's anti-terror strategy, they have to admit now that it's a pathetically ineffective one.

We don't know who perpetrated the London bombings, but it's worth noting once again that, according to the CIA, Bush's Iraq strategy has created terrorists and given them a prime training ground. I hope that whoever bombed London neither came from nor cut their terrorist teeth in Iraq.

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