Frank Luntz Strategy Report

Last night, DailyKos posted two PDF files of Republican PR strategist Frank Luntz's report on the 2004 elections, with an eye to helping Republicans frame their approach for 2006 and 2008. I've rendered the PDFs into TIFFs and have used Optical Character Recognition to turn all the images into text. Now I'm busy cleaning up the text so it's presentable. You can download the original PDFs here.

Part 1, pages 1-20 in MS Word (all text) are here.

Part 1, pages 21-40 in MS Word (all text) are here.

Part 2, pages 1-20 in MS Word (all text) are here.

The formatting isn't perfect, but it gives you the general idea of how the document is supposed to look. Though I'm sure I missed plenty of misinterpreted characters, I've left the genuine spelling and grammatical errors of the original document in the OCR version.

By the way, if you want to help me with this monkey work, please email me at realitique@cox.net.

UPDATE: Full report here.

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