And Curioser...

When Rathergate broke last year, a lot of people probably asked themselves (as I did) why someone would do such a shoddy job of forging documents for a prominent national news organization? The now-forgotten Magestic-12 forgeries, for example, were pretty good. Done on, you know, a typewriter. They at least looked old. You'd have to be an idiot, think the staff at CBS was really sloppy (oh, wait...) or...make the forgeries bad on purpose and cross your fingers that CBS would run the story. Well, maybe the latter is what happened. Or maybe the CBS documents weren't forgeries and Rove engineered a way to undermine them. Maybe aliens were involved. Here is an attempt to tie Jeff Gannon to the CBS forgeries and the White House. It's based in part on this article by John Byrne. For the CBS reacharound to Karl Rove, there's this. Ooo, la la. Mama, I don' know what you cookin' in dat kitchen, but boy, it smells good. Now none of this may pan out. But then again, it might. And if it does, 48% of America will be in fucking heaven.

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