Scene of the Day

Osman and girlfriend argue over something trivial, like whether he picked up the coffee or something else. They make up. They head for the bedroom and the camera crew attempts to follow. They angrily tell them to go away and slam the bedroom door in their face. The crew knock and get cursed out in response. We overhear "Oh, well, you'd think he'd like his fifteen months of fame." There is a large sliding glass door to the right of the crew. As they turn to leave (or pretend to leave but sneak back to listen for sex), they see through the glass door another similar film crew. The crews stare at each other, then flip each other off and nearly come to blows. Osman comes out of the bedroom and shouts at everybody to get out, lest he do something violent to them. The interviewer asks Osman if his girlfriend is naked and if he's interested in a side gig in porn, and whether they've started foreplay yet. Osman stares in disbelief. The interviewer keeps going: It pays premium, you know? and your girlfriend's pretty hot. Think she'd be interested in a little menage a trois? Osman fumes, then lunges at the crew, knocking the cameraman over or knocking the camera out of his hands. It falls on the floor. We see feet and legs and hear lots of grunting and cursing--but the camera is on its side. Finally the camera man picks up the camera and turns it toward the front door. Focuses. We see the back side of the interviewer as he leaves (Mr. Brown, this may be you). The camera tracks him as he exits the residence. The Film Crew are immediately accosted by many camera crews. Microphones are thrust in their faces. Scuffle as they reach the car. Insults. They get in the car, camera blurs. More question shouting and insults. They speed away.

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