Nie Wieder: A Tortured History

I was just listening to the otherwise well-informed Tom Oliphant and Al Franken (sorry, Geoffrey), when I heard how opposed the CIA was to the recent Republican rah-rah-torture bill. Now I'm not saying that everyone in the CIA is pro-torture, but it was the CIA and other intelligence agencies that taught to Latin American governments the very techniques that have now migrated to the military. Not that the "liberal media" has noted it, but WE invented and tested the psychologically damaging practices that migrated to the Middle East, and we did so decades ago. Haven't heard of it? Don't listen to the allegedly liberal media. Do your homework. The media of this country, as excellent as it is, sucks shit compared to that of, say, Britain. These days they suck far more shit than the gov't-teat-sucking media of Singapore. This article's been around for a couple of months, but anyway, Naomi Klein gives you the skinny in one of the few American publications worth reading.

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