Good thing the election's coming up. The amount of work involved in making a film, esp. when you don't yet have a staff, is daunting--but fun. I'm all down with the photography, writing, acting and directing, but then there's PR and sales. You have to write and call everybody and juggle their responses. You have to make a press kit. You have to buy equipment, schedule flights, find food and all the other little bits of life. But I'm not complaining. If we get some buckage in a little while, then we (I) can hire at least a production assistant, if not a few more people than that. Right now, it's just me and Geoffrey and all the wonderful people who are helping out by hooking us up with Famous and Powerful People, giving professional advice (thanks, PDS), writing a bit here and there, letting us crash at their houses and donating their time for short scenes. Etcetera.

Once this project gets rolling, I'm going to find some guest bloggers to take over for a while. I'll probably have a blog for the production, but I doubt I'll have time to write it. Interns: they're not just for blowjobs anymore.

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