Withdrawal Method

Ooo. Mmm. Ahhh. Great sounds in the proper context. Unfortunately, the context is consternation, not copulation. Watch the striking similarities between the "arguments" of the Nixon White House (or Bush's precursor) and those of Joe "Bush" Lieberman on the Vietraq War.

I understand that it's "hard" to "pull out" and "end" the war. But as Bill Maher said last week, we wanted to "penetrate Iraq and bring it to a glorious, euphoric climax," but three years later, we "keep pounding away until the whole area has become inflamed. Under the circumstances, the kindest thing you can do is just...pull out."*

*If you find the quote and I got some of the words wrong, let me know. And if you want to know how to make fine print like this, just ask. I use the font-size property of the span tag.

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